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Now Booking 2019 Speaking Engagements

Are you looking for programs that brings travel and history to life? I’ve spent more than 30 years traveling the U.S. seeking out places with links to the British Isles. My programs draw on this rich body of knowledge to help audiences learn more about the history and culture of the British Isles and discover the many rewarding encounters they can have with England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland right here in America. I’m currently booking 2019 speaking engagements in the following areas of the United States:

  • Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin – dates available for May and for July through November
  • North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia – dates available in June and December

Contact me at to discuss speaking engagements in other parts of the country.

My most popular programs include Feeding Your Inner Anglophile: Finding England in America; Finding Shakespeare in America; Finding Shakespeare in the Garden, and The Life and Times of Queen Victoria. A standard presentation lasts one hour, but the length can be modified to meet your needs.

Feeding Your Inner Anglophile: Finding Great Britain in America

There are endless opportunities to encounter British culture in the U.S. This program highlights attractions, activities, and events that will help audiences enrich their lives with British experiences here in the U.S., no passport required. I can also provide programs that specifically highlight Finding Scotland in America and Finding Ireland in America.

Finding Shakespeare in America

You don’t have to go all the way to England to enjoy the Bard. I’ll give your audience great insider tips on finding Shakespeare at fabulous festivals, in authentic Tudor buildings and replicas of Elizabethan theaters, in Shakespeare gardens, and in many more places right here in the U.S.

Finding Shakespeare in the Garden

William Shakespeare had a remarkable knowledge of plant lore. He mentioned more than 180 types of flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, and herbs in his plays and sonnets. This program looks at American Shakespeare gardens that honor the Bard’s love of nature.  I’ll also highlight the hallmarks of a classic Shakespeare garden and discuss ideas for adding a bit of the Bard to your own backyard.

The Life and Times of Queen Victoria

2019 marks the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birth. This presentation explores the circumstances surrounding the 18-year-old Victoria’s ascension to the throne and how she came to embody an entire era – in Great Britain and in America. Along the way, we’ll explore some of the myths surrounding this fascinating woman, and some of the strange but true facts of her life. This presentation is a perfect accompaniment to a tea party in the best Victorian tradition. I can also modify it for younger audiences. Victorian crafts and activities can be included for an additional fee.

Here’s a sampling of responses to my presentations:

  • “Very informative and interesting”
  •  “The experience was a true learning one”
  •  “The insights you shared with us are most valuable and appreciated”
  • “I came away knowing some new and interesting things”
  • “You were a joy to work with”
  • “Thank you again for all your ideas”

Contact me at for additional information on speaking engagements.


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